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As part of your Expression of Interest application, the following is also noted and agreed:

Enrolment/Delivery venue/Excursions

  1. I am aware this Expression of Interest, does not guarantee a place in the VET Program. The school needs to approve the VET Program. Then, if my child is offered a place in the program (subject to student numbers and the Student Selection Process) I need to accept or decline the offer within 7 days.
  2. Once the VET Program offer has been accepted, I give permission for my child to make their way to the VET Program and am aware classes may run at various venues as indicated on the program timetable.
  3. I am aware my child is expected to attend program excursions organised by Training Provider/RTO, because they are part of the assessment process. I am aware I will receive an informative notice for each excursion throughout the year.


  1. I am aware my child may be undertaking a VET program/SWL placement away from the home school site as part of their VETDSS Program, and other students from schools within the region will be in the class.
  2. I am aware that my child will not be supervised by home school staff when undertaking classes at the premises of the RTO or external provide.
  3. I am aware that non-school learning environments differ from school environments and direct supervision from staff will not be provided when travelling to and from the training provider and during break times.
  4. I am aware that no responsibility is accepted by the Principal and staff of the home school or Highlands LLEN or Training Provider for the loss, theft or damage of personal property belonging to or in the possession of my child.
  5. I will alert the home school and Training Provider/RTO if I become aware of circumstances which raise concerns as to the safety of my child participating in this VET Program.


  1. I am aware that I should notify the RTO or external provider of any known relevant medical condition and the medication/treatment of my child which may affect their studies.
  2. I should advise details of my child’s disability in order to assist the VET Program teacher to develop plans around my child’s specific needs.
  3. I authorise staff from the home school to update the Program Teacher about learning needs in relation to my child and strategies that may assist.
  4. I understand that I will be notified as soon as possible in the event of illness or accident to my child, but when I cannot be contacted, I authorise the Training Provider/RTO, to administer first aid to my child. I consent to my child receiving such medical and surgical treatment (including the administration of an anaesthetic) as may be deemed necessary by a legally qualified medical practitioner. I accept full responsibility for the payment of medical fees incurred, should my child require such treatment.
  5. Parents/Carers are responsible for all medical costs if a student is injured, unless the Department of Education is found liable (liability is not automatic).
  6. Please note: Parents/Carers can purchase student accident insurance cover from a commercial insurer if they wish to. For some programs, proof of Ambulance Cover may be required. You will be advised. The RTO may require you to advise further medical details about your child.


The Highlands LLEN VET Cluster (The Cluster) collect, use and disclose information in accordance with Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth), Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic). The Cluster will distribute only relevant information to the relevant Vocational Education and Training partners including Registered Training Organisations (RTO) for their follow up during their enrolment processes and to assist in providing student support during the VET Program. All information contained in the form will be stored, used and disclosed in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth), Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and Health Records Act 2001 (Vic).

I give permission for the VET Cluster to provide my details, and my child’s details to the training organisation of which my child will be attending for the delivery of the VET Program in accordance with Enrolment Information and Privacy Collection Notice for Parent and Carers, which I have read. I understand the above requirements of the Highlands LLEN VET Cluster and the collection, use and disclosure of the information and have been advised of the legislation relating to collection, use and disclosure. I give my informed consent to the Highlands LLEN VET Cluster to use this information for the purposes outlined above.

I consent

I consent to my child being photographed/videoed while undertaking the VET Cluster Program and for these to be used by the Highlands LLEN VET Cluster for the purposes of marketing, including on social media.

Yes No

I consent to my child’s official home school photo to be included on the student profile page of the VET Cluster Database. This will assist communications between my child and their VET Program Teacher/s.

Yes No

Thanks for this Expression of Interest. If you are offered a position in a Program, you will receive an email asking you to Accept the Offer within 7 days. You will be asked to login using your student email and password.